donthidemycigs: (Air Pandora)
2013-12-14 04:19 pm

[ OoM ] Exploring Milliways

Grace has been meaning to do this for a long time. The grounds are expansive, follow no set rules that she knows of, and don't appear to make any topographical sense. She's heard about interesting native flora and fauna that subsist on a likewise implausible biological organization, but has never seen them. For a xenobotanist, this is Candyland.

She has looked around the gardens and greenhouses before, but they are the clear property of someone else. As much as Grace loves plowing in and taking over, she knows better than to disturb someone else's work. At least until she's been properly introduced.

So. One scientist, out on the fringe of the lake path, taking readings and notes on the forest. She's finding a surprising amount of flora seemingly native to Earth, mostly from temperate/oceanic climes. This doesn't make sense, and right now that trumps taking notice of the beady red eyes peering at her from the bushes.

"... And just what the hell are you?"

Someone walking by might see the belch of fire.

Or they might just hear the echoing, "FUCK!"