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[ OoM ] Exploring Milliways

Grace has been meaning to do this for a long time. The grounds are expansive, follow no set rules that she knows of, and don't appear to make any topographical sense. She's heard about interesting native flora and fauna that subsist on a likewise implausible biological organization, but has never seen them. For a xenobotanist, this is Candyland.

She has looked around the gardens and greenhouses before, but they are the clear property of someone else. As much as Grace loves plowing in and taking over, she knows better than to disturb someone else's work. At least until she's been properly introduced.

So. One scientist, out on the fringe of the lake path, taking readings and notes on the forest. She's finding a surprising amount of flora seemingly native to Earth, mostly from temperate/oceanic climes. This doesn't make sense, and right now that trumps taking notice of the beady red eyes peering at her from the bushes.

"... And just what the hell are you?"

Someone walking by might see the belch of fire.

Or they might just hear the echoing, "FUCK!"
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There is a faint splashing sound from the lake, kind of like what one would hear if a swimming person were to launch herself out of the water and take off at a brisk run.

Cold weather is clearly someone else's problem.

(At least X is wearing a wetsuit?)


"Do not run."

At least do not run away.
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X does not sigh.

"If you run, the demon rabbits will chase. That is usually bad."
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"No. They do not like tea."

Probably, anyway.

(X refuses to think of demon rabbits who drink coffee. Nope.)

"You stay here. I will be back."

She doesn't dive into the bush, just takes a few steps toward it and swipes downward with her claws.

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"Bar will help," X says, matter-of-factly.

"If replacements are required. I have a tab."

Here she flicks a look back over her shoulder at the scientist.

"And I am good at being careful."
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It helps if you are able to reattach your own. Or regrow them.

"I am X."

Her response is matter-of-fact, even as she scents the air to make sure the demon bunnies are on their way out of town. (For now.)

"I am on Security. Here."


"You did not know about the rabbits?"
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X's nostrils flare again.

"You are not wearing flame-retardant pants. Or body armor."

Clearly X thinks this is an oversight of extreme proportions.

"I do not think anyone named Freddy comes here."

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"Potentially fatal burns are not funny," X says, steadily. "Unless you are immortal."


"And the rabbits are demonic, not nocturnal. Or crepuscular."

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Grace should get a gold star for picking up on it so quickly! Most people take longer.

"They graze. Sometimes they hunt."

And sometimes people are stupid enough to walk right up to them and say 'fricasee me'.

"I am not sure they sleep."
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"No. I am not sure they sleep at all. Some things don't."

A pause.

"Some people do not, either."

Fortunately none of them are involved in this conversation.
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X shakes her head, just the once.


X does not threaten, usually.

"But it is a reminder. That Milliways is not like your world."

This woman seems like she might need one.
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"They are not knives," X says, sheathing the adamantium in her own flesh, per the usual.

"They are claws."


"Hello, Grace. You have been on many worlds?"
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"No. They are genetic."

Except for the metal part.

"I am a mutant. Your world does not have them?"
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X looks startled for a second.


A pause.

She takes a step closer, holding out her hand.


The claws pop out of the space between the first two and last two knuckles on her hand.

Did Grace follow that?
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"Oh," X says, looking startled again. "Surge. She is from my world."

X watches Grace study her arm -- and her claws -- for several long, silent moments.

Then --

"They tear. But I heal. Quickly."

She offers a shrug, one-shouldered and quick.

"They are snug to the bone. Bones. There have been X-rays."

Many of them.
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"It is not relevant."

Her response is perfectly matter-of-fact.

(Plus she's had worse.)

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"Seconds for most wounds."

X has gone over this before.

"Limb reattachment is slightly longer."

A pause.

"Regrowing limbs takes days."
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X stiffens.



"Do you want them."

That's the most important thing. To X, anyway.
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"I do not want you to experiment on me."

X's delivery is flat and rapid.

Some things are important to establish right off the bat.
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"I understand," X says, after a moment or two of silence. "Why you want to know."

But this is the real crux of the matter.

"The people who did the research were that kind of scientist. All of them."


"I do not want there to be more of me."

In more ways than one.
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"You can keep asking," X offers, after a momentary silence.

"Maybe I will tell you more. When I know you better."

If she can use the information to help people --

Maybe it would be worth it.

"What will you do with it? If I caught it."
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X does not frown. Not quite.

"Observation and release?"


"You you will take tissue samples. And administer chemicals."
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X studies Grace for a few more minutes, silent and intent.

Then --



"You will let me know when you release it. And what results you have gotten."

It is best to be safe. And thorough.